A Friend of Mine

Being the person that I am, who keeps packing up her life and moving I tend to have a lot of friends all around the world. This is my favourite part of travelling. I mean the cities and adventures that you go on are great but have you ever met someone and right away theyRead moreRead more

My Beautiful Truth

So you’ve decided to pack up your life and move to the other side of the world. You decided you needed a little break from the life you were living and wanted a new adventure. One where you could find yourself; go on fun adventures, start living the dream and find what your purpose inRead moreRead more

The Brunchy Bunch

Moving to a new city, you want to know what the best places are to go. From the bars to the clubs, the restaurants to the beaches, the best shopping to what areas of the city you want to be in. There are so many things to discover when you move to a new cityRead moreRead more

Finding the Fulfillment

“We wander for distraction. But we travel for fulfillment.”   I often wonder why we travel. Are we running away from something or are we trying to find ourselves? Are we bored in our everyday routines or do we just seek a new adventure? Whatever your answer may be know that nothing bad comes fromRead moreRead more