Where to begin. Again.

Re·in·vent: to change something so much that it appears to be entirely new. It has been 2 months since I moved back home from Ireland. I went from having nothing to do to always being on the go, but it’s all about balance right? My mum picked me up from the airport and I wasRead moreRead more

Just here for the ride

Hello readers. It has been a minute since I have written anything and let me tell you why. If you don’t care to know well then you can stop reading here or scroll to the bottom. It has been three months since I arrived in Ireland. It somehow seems so much longer but weirdly feelsRead moreRead more

And on the 37th day

37 days since I have been in Ireland, but who’s counting? How is everything going so far? Well, I have definitely had my ups and downs. The whole ‘you’ve moved to a new country, living in a beautiful place’ high has kind of worn off. Not that I don’t still love it here, I justRead moreRead more

Oh the Dub’s

Before I moved to Ireland I was debating between Dublin and Galway. I didn’t know too much about either. I had heard Dublin was more of a city and Galway had more of that small town feel with lots of nature. Not to say that Dublin doesn’t have nature but it seemed that a cityRead moreRead more

Home for a while

2 weeks ago today I was getting on the airplane to move my life to Ireland. Well, I made it and it has been beyond my expectations. Moving to Ireland has always been a dream of mine; something I always wanted to do. Many people ask if I had been here before or why IRead moreRead more

Swooning for the Irish

Dating + Traveling = Successful relationship? Not too sure about that one. Maintaining friendships is one thing but trying to have a romantic relationship with someone can be difficult. For some reason, we always want to spend extended amounts of time with someone we are interested in or we want attention from them. This couldRead moreRead more

But what if…

There are many different types of travelling. There is the type where you go for just a vacation, want to be adventurous and go backpacking, get an education in a new country, have the opportunity to travel for work, and then there is the kind where you pack your bags and full-on move to aRead moreRead more